Tile & Grout 101: What You Need To Know Before You Install


The Dirt on Grout

Because profitability is a top priority for Apartment Owners and Managers, it’s essential to understand the risks and total cost of installing and maintaining tile and grout in your showers.

Installing tile and grout requires both skilled labor and downtime. Experienced tile setters can be challenging to schedule in today’s labor-starved economy. When done right, tiling is not a one-day job; mortar requires dry time, an additional set time is needed to grout, and a comeback trip for cleanup. As a result, your project can quickly become delayed and over-budget.

Tile showers are never truly paid off since they require continuous maintenance and upkeep to keep them looking nice. Grout always fails, and bacteria and mold love to grow in grout joints, leading many to refinish their unsightly and unsanitary showers. Unfortunately, tile refinishing can be costly and must be redone frequently, and is merely a band-aid solution for an ongoing issue. Once you refinish tile, the cycle never ends.

Introducing AquaWalls: Easy & Affordable Shower Transformations

Achieving a Class-A shower has never been easier! AquaWalls are a 3-piece shower wall system that installs directly over tile and grout and are made of lightweight, durable acrylic. Giving you both the look and feel of tile and grout while being 100% groutless, it takes less than 3 hours to install an AquaWalls Shower Wall System. Each of our systems is backed with an industry-leading 10-year, limited warranty.

• Easy to Install
Maintenance- Free
• Groutless
• Floor-to-Ceiling Design
• Class-A Finishes
• 10-Year Warranty