AquaWalls: A Case Study


The Costs of Dated Showers

Outdated showers often translate to unleased units, expensive maintenance costs, and unsatisfied tenants.

The showers in the apartment complex pictured below had the original tile dating back to when the property was built in 1971. Each year, their maintenance staff was spending over $15,000 in refinishing costs without adding value to their property.

A System that Adds Value

The property’s maintenance staff was trained to install AquaWalls systems and each of the building’s 100 showers was installed in less than three hours. Future shower maintenance costs were immediately reduced to $0 and the property increased its net operating income by $1M (at a 5 CAP).

Installed directly over tile & grout or direct to green board, AquaWalls transforms old, outdated tile & grout shower walls in under 3 hours, providing you with a competitive look for a price you can afford during renovations, turns, quick-turns, and even occupied units.