Easy & Affordable Multifamily Shower Transformations

If you have outdated showers and would like to lease units faster while increasing your property value, it’s time for an upgrade. AquaWalls, developed exclusively for the Multifamily Industry, provides everything you need to create a Class-A shower experience. All you need is three hours to install our maintenance-free panels directly over tile and grout, Greenboard or Durock. Your tenants will love the upscale look of marble, tile and linen. You’ll love lowering your maintenance and operating expenses and boosting the value of your property. Experience the AquaWalls difference today.

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Increase Rental Income & Property Value

How can you ask for top-of-the-market multifamily rates if the showers are best described as “average”? Fortunately, AquaWalls offers an easy and affordable way to transform outdated showers into show-worthy spaces. Present a fresh, Class-A shower space, and prospective tenants will recognize the quality of your multifamily units. With AquaWalls, you’ll have a systematic way to upgrade each shower when it is most convenient for you.

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  • "I wanted to upgrade the showers in my building before I put it on the market. With AquaWalls, I was able to achieve a modern look, increase my property’s value and save thousands vs. re-tiling. "

    Dana Peterson

    Regional Manager, Premier Properties
  • "Our tenants love the look of our new AquaWalls showers! They are easy to keep clean and we have cut down on maintenance costs."

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  • "Our community has had a great experience with AquaWalls. The installation training was informative and our maintenance team adopted the process right away."

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