Fiberglass Shower Surrounds vs AquaWalls


For years, fiberglass shower surrounds have been the go-to choice for covering tile & grout showers because few options were available. Since then, another shower solution has emerged and is making noise in the Multifamily industry. AquaWalls are installed directly over tile and grout and transform the shower space. Below we match up fiberglass shower surrounds against AquaWalls to see how they compare.

Installation Time

Fiberglass shower surrounds typically take a full day to install. Care must be taken when handling the fiberglass surrounds because they are thin and susceptible to scratching and cracking.  Compare this to the installation of AquaWalls, which takes less than three hours to install. AquaWalls panels are both durable and lightweight and are easily installed by your maintenance staff, your preferred contractor or by a certified installer.

Demolition Needs

Demolition is needed when a fiberglass shower surround is installed in place of tile and grout. Compare this to AquaWalls, which installs directly over tile and grout with no demolition required.

Renovation Timing

Because the installation of a fiberglass shower surround is lengthy, they are typically not installed in occupied units. This means communities often must wait until unit turn to install a fiberglass surround. AquaWalls can install in occupied units because it is both a fast and clean installation process.


Acting as the go-to option for many years, fiberglass surrounds are often considered to be a baseline standard. There is no ‘wow factor’ with fiberglass shower surrounds. They also do not add value to a bathroom. AquaWalls enhances the shower experience. The updated look of AquaWalls adds value to any bathroom.

Pattern Options

Fiberglass shower surrounds typically come in a plain white or neutral color. AquaWalls are available in 5 classic finishes including Calcutta White, English Linen, French Linen, Aspen White, and Onyx. After selecting your finish, you can select the optional laser-etched grout lines.