Affordable Bathroom Updates That Make an Impact


Top apartment owners and managers continuously search for ways to create a competitive advantage over their competition. It may seem difficult to compete with the newly built complex down the road when it comes to securing new tenants. Most often the shower is a forgotten element when it comes time for unit updates, but can be a key differentiator between a good and a great apartment. A simple bathroom enhancement will create a visual impact and can become a useful tool to help lease units.

Challenge the Norm

Most apartment communities have the same showers in each bathroom: fiberglass shower surrounds or tile and grout showers. These bathrooms norms leave many asking why apartment communities have chosen these options for so long – tile and grout showers require constant maintenance and upkeep and are difficult to keep clean and fiberglass surrounds are so underwhelming, that they are often hidden behind a shower curtain during apartment tours. 

Rather than ignore the bathrooms in your apartment, leverage them so they can help lease units. AquaWalls is an easy-to-install solution that will generate positive ROI and enhance the look of your bathrooms, catching the eyes of prospective and current tenants. 

Create a Lasting Impression

When it comes to comparing two similar apartment communities, the prospective tenant can often narrow down their search and base it on elements such as the condition of the bathroom shower. AquaWalls shower walls are sure to make a lasting visual impact that will help your community stand out from the rest. 

Installed directly over tile & grout or direct to green board, AquaWalls transforms old, outdated tile & grout shower walls in under 3 hours, providing you with a competitive look for a price you can afford during renovations, turns, quick-turns, and even occupied units.