Enhancing Tenant Satisfaction and Reducing Turnover with AquaWalls Maintenance-Free Shower Wall Systems: A Success Story

An Aquawalls Case Study
Bathroom with vanity, toilet and shower using AquaWalls tiles


This case study highlights how a property management company successfully implemented AquaWalls maintenance-free shower wall systems in their apartment building. The AquaWalls system not only improved the aesthetics of the apartments but also led to a notable increase in tenant satisfaction, a reduction in turnover, and set the property apart from competitors. The quick installation process allowed for renovations during turns and even when units were occupied.


A property management company with a portfolio that includes several apartment buildings faced increasing maintenance costs due to outdated bathroom showers. They were looking for a solution that would enhance their properties’ appeal while also lowering maintenance expenses.


The property management company encountered several challenges:
  • High costs and inconvenience of retiling bathroom showers.
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair expenses associated with traditional bathroom shower options.
  • The need to improve apartment aesthetics to attract and retain tenants.
  • The requirement to renovate with minimal disruption to occupied units.


After evaluating various options, the property management company decided to install AquaWalls maintenance-free shower wall systems in a significant number of their apartment units. The AquaWalls system offered numerous benefits, including reduced maintenance costs and minimal disruption during installation.


The property management company collaborated with a local AquaWalls partner to install the shower wall systems. The installation process was efficient and minimally invasive, allowing tenants to remain in their units during the renovation. The new shower walls significantly improved the overall bathroom appearance and provided increased durability.


The AquaWalls delivered the following positive outcomes:
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The modern look of AquaWalls shower walls instantly improved the appeal of the apartments, leading to more inquiries from prospective tenants.
  • Increased Tenant Satisfaction: Tenants appreciated the upgraded, contemporary appearance of their bathrooms. Tenant satisfaction improved considerably, as measured by post-renovation surveys.
  • Lower Maintenance and Operating Expenses: The shower wall systems eliminated the need for frequent repairs and refinishing, resulting in a noticeable reduction in maintenance expenses.
  • Reduced Turnover: Tenant turnover decreased in the period following AquaWalls installation, as tenants chose to renew their leases due to the upgraded bathrooms.
  • Competitive Edge: The renovated bathrooms set the property apart from competitors, contributing to an increase in the average rental rate for the renovated units.


The implementation of AquaWalls shower wall systems proved to be a successful investment for the property management company. The modern and durable shower walls led to a significant increase in tenant satisfaction, reduced turnover, and set the property apart from the competition. AquaWalls’ quick installation process allowed for seamless renovations during turns and even when units were occupied, making it an ideal solution for property managers seeking to enhance their properties’ appeal while minimizing disruption and reducing maintenance expenses.